Think About Your Audience

As this is the first time that I am working in an open source community, I am inspired by the process for which software engineers are working remotely and collaboratively to build software solutions. For the most part, I am learning from the experience how open source communities work. Notably,  here in my community and […]

Everybody Struggles

Welcome back to my blog! This is my second blog post in regards to the contributing to the Mifos Initiative. For this blog entry, we were requested to share an experience of getting stuck on the project. As newbies on the project, it normal to have questions, especially in regards to expectations and guidelines. When […]

The Journey Begins

Hi, I am Natasha, a developer with a passion for technology and a curiosity for open source. This summer, I am an Outreachy intern for the Mifos Initiative with the project of fixing bugs and features within Fineract, a financial platform built with Java. In this post, I will share my core values and why […]